Mindnotes® diaries with material covers – VIP collection

The wide range of cover materials and colours, with different structures and textures, offering many possibilities for personalisation and matching the product to the brand style. Diaries with such a cover are a prestigious premium gadget.


Eco-friendly Mindnotes® diaries

The eco-friendly diary is a good choice whenever you want to emphasise your company’s commitment to the environment. A wide selection of eco-friendly raw materials such as kraft paper, apple paper, grass paper, coffee paper or recycled white paper offers plenty of options for personalising your Mindnotes® diary.


Mindnotes® diaries with soft covers

Custom-made Mindnotes® diaries can be produced in any type of cover. Diaries with material soft covers are very popular, and their wide choice will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Mindnotes® diaries with hard covers

Choosing between a colour-printed cover and a diary bound in a beautiful outer material is not necessary anymore. Now you can combine the interesting texture of the cover material with a colourful print on it. A Mindnotes® diary designed in this way will attract the attention of all your customers.