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Milano – our new line of cover materials. A 2019 novelty!

Milano – our new line of cover materials. A 2019 novelty!

The trend for modern, stunning and eye-catching cover materials in the promotional article industry keeps going on. Because of this, we’re introducing a new product to our catalogue as we begin the new year – the line of shining metallic Milano cover material.

Impressive and affordable

The Milano is our answer to questions posed by clients following the release of our gold and silver cover materials from the exclusive Verona line. Many of them seek an impressive but affordable material for covers that would find application (and economic justification) for as many kinds of promotional products as possible. Thus our recommended solution comes in the form of the new line of cover material – Milano, which we’ll introduce with the beginning of the year.

What’s that material?

The Milano is made of PVC, which is a plastic polymer that finds great application in hardback covers. We’ve prepared the five most wanted and popular colour variants, which look attractive when used both with notebooks and the covers of sticky note sets. The Milano will be available in gold (VP1202), silver (VP1201), beige (VP1204), black (VP1203) and dark blue (VP1205) colours. Because of its metallic sheen and shading, it vividly resembles brushed metal, which gives the product a raw, elegant and modern look.

Why Milano?

The material used for the Milano guarantees the durability of products and determines their attractive pricing. Its undeniable advantage is also the possibility to obtain perfect reproductions during both blind printing and foil stamping. Colour-matching accessories that can be mixed and matched as appropriate also make for an excellent supplement to the new line of covers materials.

The Milano cover material stands for an attractive appearance, an affordable price and a wide range of possibilities for application in the production of customised promotional materials.




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